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Gender Equality

SDG 5 aims to achieve gender equality by ending all forms of discrimination, violence and any harmful practices against women and girls in the public and private spheres. It also calls for the full participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of political and economic decision-making.

Sustainable Work

​SDG 8 promotes “sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. It reaffirms the mutually supportive relationship between economic, social and environmental policies, full employment and decent work.

Reduce Inequality

​SDG 10 aims at reducing inequality within and among countries. This SDG calls for reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status within a country.

​Inclusive Cities

​SDG 11 Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. Since 2007, more than half the world's population has been living in cities, and that share is projected to rise to 60 per cent by 2030.

​Climate Change

SDG 13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate change presents the single biggest threat to development, and its widespread, unprecedented impacts disproportionately burden the poorest and most vulnerable. Urgent action to combat climate change and minimize its disruptions is integral to the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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