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Meet Our Business Team

David Vink

Commercial Services Leader

I often shared in past that I am an entrepreneur trapped in a bankers' body but after 10+ years working for the big banks I still need to find a clever tagline to capture that essence. I am passionate about working with businesses of all shapes and sizes and my aim is to both learn from our members but more importantly add value for them and my team. I have experience operating my own businesses in past as well as living and working overseas. Outside of work you may find me in my garden, reading or hanging around with my two young sons. 

I can help you with:

  • Commercial lines of credit loans
  • Commercial mortgages

Angela Heffernan

​Small Business Advisor

I've been with Pathwise Credit Union since 2002 and have held numerous roles within the Credit Union.  As a Small Business Advisor, I assist our small business members in their day to day banking, offer advice and guidance on loan, commercial and Investment mortgages and help small business owners reach their financial goals.  

​I can help you with:

  • Business accounts
  • Lending and investment
  • Micro loans and small business loans
  • Investment mortgages