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Protect your investment with the right business insurance.

Our suite of Creditor Insurance products, developed exclusively for Canadian Credit Unions, adds a new level of protection for Mortgages, Loans, Lines of Credit when the unexpected happens, such as death, disability, critical illness, or involuntary loss of employment.
Our insurance partner offers a range of comprehensive creditor insurance product solutions including:

  • Term lending life, disability and critical illness insurance 
  • Line of credit life, disability and critical illness insurance 
  • Mortgage life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment. 
  • Member term life insurance is also available for business lines of credits


Creditor’s group insurance coverage is optional and is underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company. Supporting services, such as enrollment intake, medical underwriting and claims administration are provided by the employees of CUMIS Services Incorporated. Coverage is governed by the terms and conditions of the creditor’s group insurance policy issued to the creditor and is subject to terms, conditions, exclusions, and eligibility requirements. See the Product Guide and Certificate of Insurance for full coverage details.


Relax. We've got your covered.

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