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Proud of our roots

​Originally Auto Workers Credit Union (AWCU), Pathwise first opened its doors on April 2, 1938, offering savings and loan services to 29 amazing members. For over 50 years, our credit union proudly supported the financial needs of auto workers and their families. As Oshawa has grown, we’ve expanded too to help strengthen the community as a whole.

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The Credit Union movement in this country started in the 1900s, issuing of loans was based on a person’s character, not on his income.

- Don Nicholls Jan 25, 1978



1937  Over 4,000 workers from the General Motors (GM) plant in Oshawa  go on strike. Workers request 8-hour days, better wages and working conditions, a seniority system, and recognition of their union – United Automobile Workers (UAW).

Considered to be a landmark in Canadian Labour history, its the first time a committee for industrial organization union has gained ground in Canada.

1938 – Auto Workers Credit Union (AWCU) is founded to serve the GM workers who are being turned away for loans from the big banks.



1940  Recalling the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep! Driver, C. Scammell, stands by his truck in front of the Oshawa Dairy building on Simcoe Street South, with his delivery carrier of milk in hand.

1943  Two ladies sitting in a McLaughlin Buick from 1910, with part of the manufacturing plant on the southside of Richmond Street behind them, as well as the old office building for General Motors.



1951 – The Oshawa Operators at the switchboard prior to the dial cut over. 500 tons of equipment and 62,000 man-hours were needed to install just one 10,000-line Dial Telephone Exchange.

Large line ups wrap around the AWCU branch on G.M.C. payday.



AWCU celebrates breaking ground and the opening of its new $400,000 head office at 322 King Street West, Oshawa.

1962 – AWCU celebrates Credit Union Day with a ‘Miss Auto Worker’ contest.

1967 – Durham College officially opens for studies in 16 portable classrooms, employing a staff of 14 and serving 205 students.



1978 – AWCU is the fifth largest credit union in Ontario and 20th largest in Canada, with $63 million in assets.

AWCU installs the first ATM in the Durham Region. News at the time calls it ‘instant banking’ with a special card allowing you to pick up $50 cash on a Sunday afternoon.

Auto workers celebrate with their families at the annual UAW Picnic at Lakeshore Park.



You can buy a brand new 1980s Chevy Monza, manufactured by GM, for $4,184, with numerous sporty features such as an AM radio, tinted glass, and white-stripe tires.

Union members occupy the Houdaille plant for 14 days, after discovering that most employees will be laid off without pensions and minimal severance pay. Even though they know their jobs are lost, by taking over the plant, they're able to negotiate improved pension and severance settlements for future workers.



1991 – the Orono District Credit Union merges with Auto Workers Credit Union to become Auto Workers Community Credit Union (AWCCU), opening up membership to those in the Orono-Newcastle area.

AWCCU is the first in the Durham Region to offer customers ‘drive-thru’ banking and direct-payment debit cards, replacing the need for cash and cheques.



Early 2000s – The creation of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology brings big growth to the Durham Region.

Lakeridge Health Hospital expands to become the largest hospital in Durham, with 637 beds, 4,271 births, 75,000 emergency visits and 27,600 surgeries a year.

2008 – The Solidarity March supports workers across the Durham Region, responding to the loss of local manufacturing jobs.



AWCCU partners with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery to wrap our ATMs with artwork from the Painter’s 11 collection.

April 2, 2018 - AWCCU turns 80 years old!

2018 – AWCCU wins an Achievement in Marketing Excellence award for our first Love Your Local pop-up market.

Durham Region sees significant changes with the General Motors transition and major population growth from 516,802 in 2000 to 619,053 in 2010, projected to top 1 million people in 2021.



2020 – AWCCU unveils its new name and branding as Pathwise Credit Union!

Vision: All members are on their path to financial success.

Mission: We’re people helping people find their path to financial success.