​Governance and Leadership

As a member you have a voice - you have a say in how our Credit Union is run.  An AGM is the best way to stay informed as a member, share your voice and be a part of something bigger.  Your participation is important to the success and well-being of our credit union.  Consider running for the Board, participate in elections by voting and make sure you don’t miss our Annual General Meetings.

Annual Reports

Financial Statements

Our Board Of Directors

Updated May 2020

John M.

Board Chair

Arnold D.

Audit & Operations Chair

Chris W.
Derek G.
Doug S.

Vice Chair and Governance & HR Chair

Francine S.
Loreen P.

Corporate Secretary

Mike M.

Credit & Market Risk Chair

Ron B.
Ted P.


Audit & Ops:  Arnold (Chair), Loreen, Ron, Chris W, Francine 

Governance & HR: Doug (Chair),Ron, Loreen, Francine, Ted

Credit & Market Risk: Mike (Chair), Derek, Ron, Francine, Loreen, Doug 

Our Leadership Team

Chris I.

Chief Executive Officer

Lindsay T.

Chief Experience Officer

Dan K.

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda C.

Support Operations Manager

Christine A.

People & Culture Leader

Dolly S.

Director, Marketing and Brand

Enid L.

Executive Assistant

Flo L.

VP, Operations

Jessica B.

Learning & Development Specialist

Leanne M.

Director, Digital & Projects

Linda F

VP, Credit and Policy

Meghyn c.

Director, Community Impact

Mike F.

Director, Sales and Member Experience

Nicole J.

Branch Leader

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