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More Secure APP upgrade

We've recently upgraded our app. 

In March your app would have displayed a message asking you to update it to a new version.  Now, this update is required and therefore you will be prompted to update at your next login.  This can be simply done by clicking update on the message or via the App or Play Store app on your device.  The update takes a few minutes and you can resume using your app as before. 

Members with passwords that are only up to 8 characters long, will be prompted to changed your password to a minimum of 9 characters or longer.  This is part of our enhanced security upgrade to your accounts. 

To change your password, your old password in required. 
(If you do not remember your password, call our call centre at 1.800.268.8771 for assistance.  This can only be done during business hours.)

For your security you will need a NEW password  that meets these requirements: minimum of 9 characters long, 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number.


  • If you do not remember your password: When resetting your password, do it on a web browser and not in the mobile APP.  
  • To update your APP after a password reset, the easiest solution is to delete the app and reinstall from the APP or Play store so that the old password is not still saved in the background. 
  • This is also true of web browsers.  If you have your old password auto saved in  your web browser, you must remove it.
Changing your password (via online, APP or at the Credit Union) does not always automatically save the new password to your browser, as it is part of the settings in your computer/device.

Check to see if your Member Card Number and the Personal Access Code sections are filled in when accessing your online banking via your Browser, if you do, your password is saved on your browser. 
You will have to remove the password (****) that is saved and enter in your NEW password.  Otherwise when you attempt to login, it will automatically fill in your old password, and it will not work and lock you out. This is NOT something we at the Credit Union can fix as it is a setup in your device.  

We recommend that you go to Manage passwords and remove the password in your browser. 

For example if you are a Google Chrome user: chrome://settings/passwordser/device.

Open a Chrome Window.

  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner. Select Settings.
  • Click on Autofill on the left menu
  • Select Passwords. Here you’ll see a number of saved passwords for various websites.
  • To delete an individual password, click on the three dots next to it and select Remove.

Unfortunately, if you already attempted to get into your account more than 3 times, you will be locked out and will get a locked out message.  If this is the issue you will have to wait for our Call Centre to assist

We always recommend that you do not save your password to your devices as it can be used by anyone with access to that device.  If possible, change your password on a regular basis and never share your password with others.