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Our Journey Starts Here

A New Banking System is Here


We are supercharging our systems.

We are thrilled to announce we moved to a new banking system on March 29th, 2021.   The new system will be easier, safer, and better.   This system will allow us to make banking easier and continue to improve the way we provide our services to our members. Our new banking system features enhanced security, safeguards information, and delivers the system availability our members expect.  

"This system is more efficient, more flexible & has more cutting-edge technology that is going to make banking with us easier & even more secure." 

- Chris Inniss, CEO Pathwise Credit Union


Easier Access

New In-Branch Devices

New banking system devices and technology will be implemented in the branches.  It will allow us to better connect with you, we can spend less time with navigation through a system and more time communicating with you regarding how we can serve you better. 

How does this impact you?

The new devices will enable ID scanning, electronic signatures, and e-receipts for banking transactions. Once the setup is complete your information will be easy to access by our team to serve you faster and better.  You will not have to repeat your self everytime you visit us.

​Online/Mobile Banking

Online/ Mobile Banking: Login credentials will change from Alias and 6-digit PIN to debit card number and strong passwords. 

How does this impact you?

You will not have to remember what your alias is, just use your debit card number and remember your  password to access your account.  Resetting your password will also be made simpler but safer.

More Secure

Leading Technology

The new banking system is the latest technology in the market currently.  It's service provider is the trusted provider for banking and the healthcare industries in North America.  The new system will provide the best technology to safeguard your information while meeting your demand for great service.

How does this impact you?

Merging of some account types will occur due to collapsing of some Pathwise products.  You will be notified if this affects you.


All members will receive a New Unique Member ID for e-transfers.  

How does this impact you?

The initial setup will wipe out all e-transfer settings and history, and you will need to set up your email contacts again.  This is a one-time set up and going forward your details will remain as part of linked to your Unique ID.  Even if you get a new debit card in the future, you will not have to setup your e-transfer information again.   


Better Service

Personalized  Experience

You are important to us. As a member and as an individual.  The new system will create individual account numbers for all joint account holders.  

How does this impact you?

Some members will receive new member numbers if they are only joint account holders today (i.e. Name2 on the account).  You will be notified if this affects you.  This allows you to have a banking experience that is personalized to you. 

Other Changes

Member Statements will reflect the changes  re: Member Numbers and Account Types.

Telephone Banking: New telephone banking system may have some different options and the recordings will be new. It will also reflect the changes to the Account Types mentioned above. Member login will change.

ATM bill payments are not compatible with the new technology. Bill payment is still available online, by telephone, or in person at our branches. 

CRA history will not be carried forward to the new online banking but will build again in the new system. Historical details can continue to be accessed on the CRA website.


FAQ - We bet you've got questions.

We answered a few for you and will keep updating this section to keep you informed.


NEW Banking System ​

A banking system is an internal system that allows us to manage your finances, enable daily transactions, and connect you to the many different forms of accessing personal banking. We are changing to a new system that allows for better and newer services that will not only benefit our members but our staff who work on the system as well.
Even though our current system works well, we wanted to continue to be proactive with our thinking and course of action. The new system will allow us to accomplish our future goals in serving our members even better.
It will allow us to better connect with you, we can spend less time with navigation through a system and more time communicating with you regarding how we can serve you better.
Members will be able to have transactions receipts sent right to their email, reducing the amount of paper as well as increasing historical data

Bill Payments & Direct Deposits & Account Numbers

You can expect to have no changes to your direct deposits, including pensions.  All automatic bill payments and direct deposits will continue to your accounts as they are today. 

You can expect to have no changes to your bill payments.  Everything will convert as you currently have and nothing should be lost. Everything will continue automatically to the accounts you have setup for payments.

Some members will receive new member numbers if they are only joint account holders today (i.e. Name2 on the account).  You will be notified if this affects you.  This allows you to have a banking experience that is personable to you.

Communications​​ ​

We have a great strategy to ensure we are connecting with our members about this change. No matter how you do your banking and interact with us we will be connecting with you, whether that be in branch, online, through statements, over the phone.

We know it's a pain to go through these changes but our new system will allow us to provide better service and keep your information even more secure. We chose a new system that will be around for a long time so we hope we will never have to convert again. It gives us a great platform to continue to build on and provide you with new features. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

No you do not have to visit the branch.  It's always a great idea to review your accounts but we are keeping a close eye on the conversion and have done lots of testing to ensure data integrity through the conversion.  


Login & Passcodes

All members without Debit cards have been sent a letter with a Secure ID number.  If you do not get this letter by the end of day on March 25th, please email us.  One of our Pathwise Team members will assist you. Your new passcode can only be updated on or after March 29th, 2021.  We appreciate your patience.

Your new passcode can be updated for online banking only on or after Monday March 29th. You can continue to use your current passcode until this Friday March 26th at 3pm.  We appreciate your patience.


Added security features such as your photo ID being displayed right on your profile. New warning flags can be added such as if you are going away for a certain length of time, if you lost your ID or debit card.

Thanks for being vigilant. You can never be too careful these days. You can confirm these instructions on our website or give us a call.  We have also sent you some snail mail which you should be recieving this week with the same instructions.  We will never ask you for any passwords.


It will still perform most of the same functions it does today. It will also be used as a key identifier to log in to your online banking and in branch banking.
Your March statement reflects all transaction activity up to March 26th, which is the date of our conversion to the new banking system. Your April statement will include the transactions from March 27th to the 31st along with all of your April transactions.

Yes you can still have a joint account, but each person on the joint account will have their own member ID number.  This is so that we can personalize our services to you. Great question.  

Yes. you can continue to use your existing cheques.   Everything will convert as you currently have and account numbers will remain the same.  

No, there will not be any additional costs to our members for the conversion. Our motivation here is to better our technology so we can continuously enhance the service we provide.
No there will be no loss of jobs due to the implementation of our new banking system, some jobs may function slightly different but in the most beneficial way. The new system will simply allow for less time consuming administration so the team can focus more on what is best for our members.

We've extended our Call Centre hours to assist you

Our temporary Call Centre hours are as follows


Monday to Friday - 9am to 8pm


NEW Banking System Update Weekend:

March 27 & 28  - 9am to 6pm



Good Friday - April 2nd  - 11am to 3pm


All Other Weekends:

(until April 18th)

Saturday & Sunday - 11am to 3pm



Easy to follow instructions

There are some changes which require your attention to have a smooth transition.  Here are some instructions to help you.

Step by Step

Here are some instructions on how to get ready for the banking system modernization.


We'll keep you in the loop.

The details of what is happening, when and how the changes will affect you will be communicated to you.


​On Our Website


Your Monthly Statements


​Via Our Social Media


​In Our Branches


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